Our aged, full-bodied red wine vinegar is the perfect way to enhance your salads, add depth of flavor to your recipes and create wonderful marinades and sauces.

Traditional Method - hand-crafted red wine vinegar

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Brad & Sandi

At our family table the quality of the red wine vinegar we use for our salad is as important as the quality of the wine we are serving with our meal. We make our red wine vinegar slowly in the traditional old world way by fermenting in oak wine barrels and aging it for years. This creates a  unique red wine vinegar with a strong, rich, complex flavor that will make any salad extraordinary, and brighten any sauce or marinade. It also makes even the youngest eaters love their veggies!!

Customer Testimonials

By popular demand…

By popular demand…

This vinegar was started by our dad about 25 years ago in the garage. It was created for family and friends to use in salad dressings, dipping sauces, and marinades. The more we passed it around, the more people wanted it. I’m so happy it’s finally for sale!

- Erin MacIsaac

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